Hay rack field shelter

Our hay rack field shelter is the ideal equipment to put in your fields. It has either one or two shelters and one hay rack covered area for self-service. 

Our Jamaïque paritition enables the horses to access the hay rack. The head passages are 35 centimeters large and the bars have a 40-mm diameter. 

The hay rack also has a mesh door that retains the hay into the feeding area. 

The covered areas can either be a length of 3 meters, 4 meters or +. The shelter width can either be 3 meters, 4 meters or more. The hay rack is available in 2 sizes : 1,5 meter or 2 meters. The general design of the shelter can either be 1-roof pitch or 2-roof pitches.  

The hay rack shelter in your fields, it is the choice of a shelter combining convenience, solidity and security.


Additional information


Regular steel decks (insulated optional)


Wooden framework and poles


Autoclave treated wood (42 mm)