Hay rack (bales)

Our hay rack (bales), made with round tubes of 40mm, has 3 head passages and allies security and time saving. Located between 2 horse stalls, it is perfect to feed efficiently and quickly your horses . Its mesh door enables the hay to stay inside the rack in order to keep a clean walkway. It also has a 60-cm bottom part filled with wood, composite or bamboo.  

In order to make it last, the hay rack is made with hot-dip galvanised steel.

Our hay rack is avalaible in standard dimensions 1.60 meter by 1.60 meter and 2.30 meter high.

Other dimensions can be avalaible on request.


Additional information


Height : 2300 mm
Width : 1600 mm
Length : 1600 mm


Hot-dip galvanized steel