Interior design & installation at the Écuries de Pierrelles

It is in a brand new stable in Saint Martin de Crau, in the region of Camargue in France, that we have installed stalls for horses. The Écuries de Pierrelles have asked us to entirely equip the stable part of their building.

We have therefore designed, manufactured and installed :

  • 32 stalls with our classic sliding stall door with the yoke opening and sand resin filling
  • 4 grooming areas with tie pillars
  • 2 shore areas with tie pillars  and hose booms 
  • 1 solarium area with a solarium equipped with a coin box and a host to adjust the height
  • 3 saddleries equipped with 30 tack boxes (small and large designs) enabling horse owners to tidy their things 
  • 12 stall windows filled with autoclave Douglas wood (we have also made the holes on the wood cladding)
  • 12 window frames to connect the window to the back of the stall.

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