High fashion stable in Ardèche – France

Which rider has never thought of his or her dream stable or barn ? It is in the heart of the Ardèche région in the south east of France that we have realised a very beautiful stable including our new Zèbre stall front system design. This new design integrates more discreetly the clips closure thanks to the horizontal banner.

The whole installation includes two stall front systems, one barn sliding door and also four windows. All the products have been filled in with bamboo planks and painted with powder coated black paint with a thin texture.

Hère are some of our customers’ words explaining their needs and choice :

  1. How did you know about Doitrand Équestre ? We first of all knew Doitrand Équestre thanks to the website. We then knew that the Company was participation to the Equita’Lyon equestrian fair, so we decided to meet the team there.
  2. Why did you chose Doitrand Équestre ? Doitrand Équestre really met our expectations that we détermine before the project. We really wanted to work with French companies, that was one fondamental criterium in our final choice. Of course, the quality and the robustness of the material was important. Moreover, we had a precise idea of what we wanted and Doitrand Équestre has perfectly met our requirements and needs during our conversation at Equita’Lyon. The kindness and the professionalism of the team has really convinced us, so we naturally chose Doitrand Équestre as our stable manufacturer.
  3. What were the determinant criteria for you construction ? For several years, we had the project of building our own stable at home. So we really knew what we wanted or not. One of first criterium was the stable’s fonctionnality and convenience. Design was also an important criterium for us, a simple and refined design, that will integrate the existing constructions. And of course the quality-price ratio.
  4. What is your overall satisfaction after few weeks ? We have been using the stable for few months now. All we can say is that, during these few months the stable has been weather proof and also by our stallion tested. The stable remains intact, we do not regret our choice and we are deeply satisfied.
  5. What do you think of our overall performance ? First we had little troubles installing the equipment, but what we can say is that the Doitrand Équestre team has really knew how to manage the situation by being really reactive and attentive. This enabling to find a Quick solution, and for that we congratulante their professionalism. Today we fully benefit from a very nice stable. To conclude, Doitrand Équestre is more than a company, it is above all a human-size company with passionate people.