Doors & horse stall systems for a stable in Loire (France)

It is in Saint-Marcellin-en-Forez, near the city of Saint-Etienne (France), that we have provided equestrian equipment for the Valentin Letablier-Erika Chapuy’s stable.

First of all, the stable’s owners have realized the stable building with concrete blocks and a metal structure. We have then supplied each horse stall with :

  • a 4-meter hinged stall door filled in with autoclave treated wood and 2 shutters and with the full opening to clean easily
  • a 4-meter stabulation partition placed at the back of the stall with 2 head passages.

The stable has a lane behind the stalls in order to roll out the roundballers of hay. This layout enables to maximize the feeding time and to limit the waste.

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Valentin Letablier-Erika Chapuy Stable

784 Route d’Aboën – 42680 Saint-Marcellin-en-Forez – France

T. 0033 6 58 44 24 40