10 horse stalls at the Chaufour Stable

It is in Raynans, near Montbéliard (Doubs- France) that we have designed, manufacture and installed a stable with 10 horse stalls. The stalls have been placed 5 in one side and 5 in another side, in order to create a hay corridor between the stalls.

The stable has :

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A floor has been created above the stalls to store the hay.

The Chaufour Stable located 15 min away from Montbéliard and Héricourt, has 32 hectares and offers differents services (field/stall livery, field/stabulation livery, field livery, endurance coaching)

Écurie du Chaufour / Chaufour Stable : rue du Chaufour, 25550 Raynans-France| Léa Dufaud T. 00 336 67 00 47 45 | Facebook Page